There’s nothing worse than a stubborn stain that stands out in the middle of your carpet floor. To make matters worse, your carpet is a light colour and it was coffee or wine. Before you give up and accept defeat, try the following method:

  • Remove any excess as soon as possible - if it’s solid, use a fork or spoon to get rid of it. If it’s liquid, blot with a clean, white cloth (or a paper towel if you don’t have one). It’s important to avoid a coloured cloth as this could colour your carpet, and also to never rub the surface as this could damage the fibres.

  • Use a carpet stain remover - you can test a small section in a hidden area to check for any stains or colour removal first. 

  • Using a brand new white, absorbent cloth, blot the area again

Depending on what caused the stain in the first place, you can also try applying a solution made of equal amounts of water and vinegar and then blot once again. You can even add some baking soda to absorb some of the odours until the next day, and scrape and vacuum afterwards. 

Stronger stains may require a professional clean, but you can try this simple process next time first!